Need to get Epic Character from A-Pose to T-Pose for retargetting.

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is Happy slinging code and doing others things in Unreal Dev.~

I however have run into a Roadblock with something so simple but it’s causing my re-target to fail and it makes the arms into spaghetti and twists the fingers all up.

It even says before you re-target to make you “source” match the T-Pose of the Target, but I cannot make that happen.

I’ve moved the arms up into the T-pose, and saved in the skeleton Mesh like and it does save, but when i run the re-target it looks to still be in the A-Pose.

This is a show-stopper for and I am certain it’s simple i am overlooking that’s right there in front of my face.

Here is a picture to illustrate exactly what I am talking about.

So, Guys, what is it that i am missing?


Hey ,

You can do that directly inside the engine, meaning that you can literally grab nd rotate the bone to create the A Pose.

Here is the documentation you need to check how is done, look for the Retargeting a Base Pose.

Hello Enter Reality,

Not sure if I was unclear about what i am trying to do. I am trying get the Epic Character “From” the A-Pose…“To” the T-Pose.

I am going to check that link and hope it can shed some light on this one.

I have moved the bones but it doesn’t “Save” even after I save the bone mapping.

Ok, that link if just what I needed! Thank you, some of this stuff is super complex, but it takes time to learn all of it.

I am going to scan thru this documentation and do the example. Once again, this is just what I needed!