Need to create boomerang effect for FP Shooter

Hello, I have been trying for a couple weeks now to get it so I can use my weapon as a boomerang. I already have the weapon spawning when I click 2 but I can not get it to come back as it infinitely goes in a straight line. I have tried homing targeting my fp character as my only thought of how I could get it to work. If anyone has done this it would be greatly appreciated if I could get some assistance. Right now I have the weapon firing, but not returning. I think I said that already haha. Either way if anyone has created a boomerang effect in unreal before it would be helpful.

Are you using Projectile Movement Component?
If so then you just need to negate the projectile’s velocity (multiply by -1.0f), after a certain distance or time.

Forward => velocity = (1,0,0)
Backwards => velocity = (-1,0,0)

Note that if you just do this, then:
1 - the movement will be linear (no acceleration and deceleration when changing direction)
2 - the projectile will keep its orientation intact (it won’t rotate towards the player)