Need to create an actor that will take variables from other different actors

Hi, I am creating a scale in my project. This scale needs to take a text variable from different actors. This text variable from other actors is its “weight”. The weight of the actor will be displayed as a text render on the side of the scale. The scale should only take this variable when on the scale (trigger box). How can I use and interface or anything else to create this. (Later going to be implemented into VR)

you would want to get the trigger box → get overlapping actors → for each → cast to (insert class type here) → get variable. this is just one of many ways to accomplish this

there may be a method to use interfaces but im a bit rusty using those so i cant really help there.

I tried to do this but it was not working… Any other Ideas?

what did you actually do because it should work. if something doesnt work find out why it doesnt work or if something was implemented wrong. i cant tell you how many times someone tried to implement something and made a simple mistake that caused their script to not work.

Got it to work thanks. There was a problem with my static meshes collision, even when set to complex as simple it still wasnt simulating physics… Weird.