Need to compile BP after i compiled a BP


There is this annoyance that if you compile a BP it shows a green tick. When i compile another BP all the other BP’s are showing they need to be compiled again.
Even though it poses no real issue as those BP’s are actually working it does create a lot of problems with my OCD.

I need to have it show green. If it doesnt i need to click it to make it green. So i go into an infinite loop just compiling the same thing over and over and over and never get to do any real work because i spend the entire day clicking compile buttons.
Please, for the sake of all OCD people out there. Please correct this.

PS. This was meant to be a bit of satire and just a reminder you guys are doing a great job.

Hey mate i seen this issue as well.
I found two work arounds for it.

1 Compile the BPs in a backward refrence.
e.g: BP1 (has ref to BP2) > BP2 (has ref to BP3) > BP3 (“end” no ref)
then compile BP3, BP2, BP1 (and its all green from there).

Or my preferd method compile the BP you changed, save and press Play.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile: