Need to close/open unreal engine every build


Since the last update of Unreal Engine (4.20) I have to close/open unreal engine every time I build the C++ code …

If I made an error build Unreal Engine detects this issue but when I fix it, the game start on the previous state, it’s didnt take the change I made . I have to close and reopen the game engine for my C++ code takes effect

Anyone have this issue ? What can I do


In ideal situation a hot reload happens , this means the binary is reloaded with the editor window open. If that’s not happening you should look at the logs after the build, maybe it will tell you. Another troubleshooting trick is to make a blank project, see if it compiles with defaults and hot reloads.

Indeed BCETracks

I will create one of the made project of Unreal Engine and see if this issue is here.


Hi again

Even with the 3rd person sample this problem is here, any idea why I have to close and open unreal engine to change in C++ take effects ?

Before the update of Unreal Engine 2.0 this issue didn’t exsit


Here is the log when the build succeeds

I’d like to help but I’m not sure since it seems to hot reload.