Need to add user optimization/settings menu. Need suggestions.

Not only suggestions on what commands and settings I should expose in my menu for the user to be able to change, but if there are any good documents that talk about optimization settings to allow users to customize their own performance on different systems.

Default settings run great on my laptop, but are unplayable on my son’s laptop. The game isn’t that graphics intensive or big and doesn’t really need all the bells and whistles of most high performance games, but (of course) I want them available if the user’s computer can handle it.

So, the best commands and settings for creating a customizable performance profile on the end user’s systems is where my focus is moving to right now.


BTW, I really would prefer non-YouTube/video sources if you’re pointing me to links. I don’t have much opportunity to view videos. Thanks!

For anyone else interested, stumbled across this:

Any other sources/settings that people know of would still be GREAT!