Need to add Reverb Volumes to Blueprints

We need to be able to add a reverb volume into a blueprint as a component. This must retain all the functionality of the reverb volume in the general editor including definition of the reverb effect, priority, and definition of the volume. In addition, we also need to be able to use this volume for standard script calls (i.e. Actor Overlap) for calling of audio functions such as snapshots. Using two separate volumes for these related functions kills workflow.

The ability to use geometry editing within the blueprint editor for this volume would be a huge help. Trying to fit a box inside a room while editing both ends of the axis simultaneously wastes a lot of time.

Hello Gary,

I have put in a feature request which can be found with the tag number ‘UE-5965.’ We appreciate your request as this helps improve our engine and the community.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley


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Hi Gary,

I’m afraid that while in the long term we’d like to get better volume behaviors in to blueprints both as being able to use blueprints to subclass volumes and, perhaps, some form of volume component, it isn’t likely to be something that is easily done due to how the brush editing modes work.

For your purposes I think that if you were to put a shape component in the blueprint and hook up overlap events to them and then use the Activate/Deactivate Reverb Effect blueprint nodes with them you would get most of the behaviors you would like.

Perhaps if you were going to use the pattern often enough you could even create your own reverb components that subclassed shape components that kind of automatically pulled all that together directly in the details panel rather than requiring graph set up.

Hopefully this helps you out.

Granted. Go nuts.