Need tips on balancing Unreal updates with tutorials. Please help

Hello I want to ask a experienced or perhaps knowledgeable people about how to balance the unreal updates and that rearrange things around in using tutorials. For example this tutorial one: Configuring new project. UE4 main classes explanation. | Shooter Tutorial , which won an epic games monetary reward, because it was a good tutorial on making a first person shooter from scratch. I’m having a lot of problems, and I understand because it is using on older version of unreal engine. However it seems like almost every tutorial that I try to start I have to stop somewhere down the line because an update changed around a few things sometimes even just cosmetic changes in which things are moved around and it makes it extremely difficult to follow tutorials. And I wanted to know what others are doing doing to get around this problem. For example in this tutorial simply assigning classes or modes that are in classes default areas requires some moving around and it took me an hour just to figure out something so simple and it becomes very frustrating and then I just don’t want to deal with it for the rest of the day and wait until tomorrow. I understand that updates of course are at your own risk so I’m not going to complain about the update obviously but I just want to know if some users can give tips on what to do. I know I can keep more than one version of unreal on the computer but it takes up a lot of hard drive space and I usually prefer not to do that because of the space that it takes. Perhaps I should get an external drive for this because I’m using an alien where laptop which is very extremely fast and I can run pretty much anything at 60 frames per second, but of course as a laptop you are limited when it comes to upgrading parts. Anyway and sorry for writing so long but if anybody has some other tips besides this please let me know. I am still on the learning curve and its hard to progress when tutorials are so quickly dated. Thank you so much ahead of time!

:frowning: why does nobody care. maybe i’m not smart i guess. sorry for wasting your time.

  • Deep breaths! Game design is a long road. You raise a good question: With so much change in the engine and tutorials not always updated to reflect this, is it worth going down that path?

  • If you have a game idea ready to go, I would say focus on that instead. If you don’t, then focus on what works, such as deconstructing community tools and marketplace packs, instead of overly focusing on tutorials.

  • By the way, its customary to bump your threads after leaving a requisite amount of time. There’s always lots of new threads, so not everyone gets a reply immediately…

What is your actual question though? I read your whole post and by the end I didn’t really understand what you were asking?..

Never give up, some of us here started like you.
Standard feeling.
Never give up.
Play with stuff you understand and expand it slowly.

Thanks for the reply . I was basically asking what most users do to keep up with tutorials and balance that with unreal engine changes. With frequent updates, which of course is good, I just want to know if people have ideas I have not thought of. I know one option is to keep multiple versions of the engine. I was wondering if anyone else had any other creative ideas. Thanks for your time, I hope you or someone can help out. btw, how do you bump up a post?

You could check the documentation of that certain feature or button someone mentions kn the tutorial and see where it’s located. Always keep the docs woth you as those are up to date most of the time.

Personally I just dig in a little deeper when I find the tutorial is using an older version of the engine and things seem to not make sense or the nodes are no longer available etc, by doing that I have learned a lot, also I read and search the forums looking to see who else has run across the issue I have and see what solutions they have found or others suggest, eventually I always find a way forward.
I would also echo Luftbauch with the “never give up” approach, persistence is the key.

I’ve been going through tutorials for a while. Since back in the $20 a month phase of unreal engine. Learning small bits at a time. Stuff changes quite a bit and can be frustrating but don’t feel that you always **need **the newest version of unreal engine. That was my problem for a while. I would learn something, then an update would come out, then boom its gone in the next update or there would be no tutorials for the version i was working on. If you are doing a project choose a version of the engine and stick with it for the entire project.

Also start small. The tutorial you listed is a rather large and complicated one. Start off with something small that you can do in a day or a few hours. Then something a little bigger, and bigger and so forth.

Here’s one I recommend to start:Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints Keypad Tutorial - YouTube
I’ts a shorter tutorial but its pretty easy to follow and will get you going. Then look at other smaller things and as you get used to blueprints and how things work you knowledge will expand. Don’t try to create everything all at once, sure you may have these awesome huge ideas but that doesn’t mean you can build them from the start. You got to build the foundation before you can build the house.