Need tips for a ¨simple¨ Pause menu

So im using hourences kismet interface which are like ui scenes)

Combined with the udn mouse interface gem in my prototype game(a 2.5d on rail shooter)

Today i decided to go to probably the final thing i needed to complete which is a pause menu.Im not a coder so until now i used kismet,the uiscenes and flv videos to achive in a simple way what i needed and it works for everything(all most all of the game mechanics and game menu).

I dont have scaleform so im looking at a solution for a simple pause menu.Currently what i did is hacky and not beautiful but it works.

As you can see,im using the key button pressed bind to ENTER to pause and unpause the game with the console comand and show some photo background.Why use ENTER? Well its because simple keys dont work. Only stuff like enter and spacebar help to overwrite the thing.

-using that method the game is completly paused(i like that because the player is moving on rails,shooting enemies,etc),but i cant implement things like exit/continue with the ui scenes buttons as the whole game is paused and will not react to me pressing other stuff.

I know that for example if you play on pc using the utgame type,when you press escape you get a scaleform menu with the option to continue and escape.This function is conected to the escape key.Is there any way i can access this in kismet? I think it shoud be something like this:

But its not working.

In two words,ideally i want to achive something like in this video in 0:27 but without the scaleform intervention.

Just completly pause the game and BE able to use the ¨¨call them¨¨ ui scenes or something elwse that is not complex.

Not sure if its possible.

Simple? Go for flash can’t say mcuh that can help you out to O_and A. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need “bAlwaysTick=true” in the Default Properties of your game class, to prevent everything from freezing when you pause, I don’t know anything about UIScenes but they might have a similar setting somewhere so that they keep ticking while the game is paused.

Pufff,looks like i will have to do some reading on flash as i thought.

By the way,is it possible(ive asked above)to call that basic escape/continue menu that pops up in a ut game(escape key) but call it in kismet? I suspect it uses a ready fs command from the content browser but im not sure how the setup shoud look.

So somehow call this in kismet?

I was only able to make the pause menu appear with unrealscript…and only after I made a few changes to the GFxUI_PauseMenu class and recompiled it, namely making it extend from GFxMoviePlayer instead of TweenableMoviePlayer, and adding MovieInfo=SwfMovie’UDKHUD.udk_pausemenu’ to its DefaultProperties

I started off on that same Hourences tutorial. It worked alright, but I couldn’t get it to work as a pause menu because I couldn’t make Kismet nodes fire while the game was paused. I pretty quickly decided that I had to move to Flash.

I managed to make it work by ¨¨forcing the pause after each action in kismet¨¨ but in the end i might go with just simple flash window as its cleaner.
Thank you guys.