Need the UE4 mannequin broken into pieces and skinned to the UE4 skeleton.


I am in need of the UE4 mannequin being separated into pieces (head, torso, legs, feet, arms, and hands) and must be rigged to the UE4 skeleton to be used as a modular character for equipment and used with ue4 animations. It will also be used to blow body parts off the the mesh in like explosions, sword swings, etc… (so even variations of body parts would be great, like lower arm with hand, foot with lower leg, etc. (but not sure if that’s necessary yet)) This is something that I was surprised to find is nowhere online and would be awesome if it was included with the engine.

I would love to attempt to do this myself, but I am not very familiar with modeling, especially skinning & rigging. (I have zbrush and maya and know the basics, but not enough to do this correctly without struggling, and I could not find a tutorial on how to do this.)

Please let me know what you would charge for something like this, I would really appreciate any help or even any information on doing this myself.

Thank you!

Thank everybody for your help and offers! With some help I was able to produce these meshes myself using the maya ART tool to gain access to the already separated mesh, that just needed to be exported in pieces.