Need the spaceship in the flying template to be able to reverse

I need the spaceship in the flying template to be able to go in reverse in a similar fashion as it goes forward. Nice and smooth but not as fast of course as forward speed. My skills in programming are very low, I have tried for the last couple of hours but I just cant get it right. Either it moves backwards by itself or very choppy, moves back incrementally, moves back in the world -x axis only, or spins wildly out of control, basically it does everything other than what I want it to. :mad: I have mapped the W key for forward and S key for slowing down and coming to a complete stop.

Now ideally I would like it so that if I keep holding the S key it would not only slow down and stop but then slowly start to go in reverse. If this is not possible at least a separate key then for going in reverse as a plan B, this would not be as satisfactory as the first option though. Hope someone out there could link an image of the possible addendum’s to the flying blueprint to achieve a reverse.

Cheers all.

Hey :slight_smile:
all you have to do is to change the min speed value to a minus number, if you then press ctrl it will slow down and start to go backward.