Need Technical/Lighting Artist for polishing up level design (stylized MOBA)

Circuits and Shields ( is looking for a technical / lighting artist to finish up our first Arena. Some post process needs to be touched up and lighting needs to be reworked as there’s currently some blurriness and imperfections that are really bugging me. Along with this, there’s some minor direction and perfection tweaks that need to be made such as asset sizing, texture tweaks, and final polish to make it fully completed.

The level itself is fully completed and no further assets need to be created. We do have artists available should you have ideas for improvements and need additional work done.

The game is a top-down RTS/MOBA camera angle with a stylized look similar to games like LoL/DotA/HotS/Dawngate/etc. Experience working on this style is a huge plus. Our project has an extremely high quality standard with this level and our characters being worked on by extremely talented people and we’d like to finish off this level by having a talented technical artist make it perfect.

This is a paid position (not royalties). We can discuss cost if you’re a good fit.

Skype: CThomlison

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Some screens of the level: