Need team for Political Theme game while election is going.

I finished working through the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial and have a basic prototype of that running in a recording of my life stream:

The game idea is to make a bunch of angry protesters that you have to shoot through to get to your chosen candidates rally. You pick a side when you begin play. You can be a Trump or Bernie supporter and you have to blast through the protesters to make it to your Presidential hopeful’s rally. Once you make it to the rally, you must defend your political hero from the onslaught of opposition.

I am a 3d modeler/animator and I work with 3d Studio Max. I would consider myself a pro in 3ds Max and a semi-pro when it comes to UE4. I’m familiar with every aspect of development, with the exception of Blue Print. I can find my way around in BP and understand how everything works, but I still often refer to video tutorials to find a specific piece of code that I would otherwise give myself a migraine trying to figure out on my own at my current level of experience. If you are a Blueprint expert, you are needed the most, but if you have any development skills at all, we would most likely have a position for you. I’m always learning as much as I can about UE4, especially Blueprint, just because it’s really nice to get things working exactly how you want them to.

Contract royalty.