Need Team for Marketplace Space shooter sample game

Hi there everyone! :slight_smile: I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanna put a sample space shooter game
in the Marketplace so myself and anyone else can learn how to make a cool space shooter game. It would be a great learning tool for beginners like myself to learn a lot about making games with UE4 so It would be a side view space shooter and I would like the sample game to start from the main menu and then have these options, ship selection, weapon selection, and then game over that gives you option to continue or back to main menu if you die or if you beat the level then it just gives you the option to play again or main menu so I need a team of people to help make this and put it in the Marketplace. It would be a free sample game for everyone of course :wink: not paid to do the work but I think it would be cool to have a space shooter sample game and help out a lot of people learn. Below is what I would need people to do. if I miss anything that’s needed please do let me know and thanks everyone. Let’s make something great!!!

Myself I will use my funds to get all the graphics like space ship(s) sprite creatures, background and so on. Also the music

Needed is:

C++ Programmer
Blueprint Programmer
Animator (maybe to make a cool cut scene or something right before the level starts)
Network Programmer

Hello Walton,

If you need got skills & looking for Talent, look here :

Good luck