Need team for First Person Moba


I am looking for a team or individuals for 1099 work on a FPS Moba.


  1. Level designer to create a classic 3-lane map
  2. Experienced first person shooter programmer
  3. A programmer very familiar with moba gameplay and systems (xp, minions, towers, etc).

Please inquire with work examples and hourly rate quotes.

Thank you.

Hey there. I can’t message you for some reason, presumably your account is too new, but you can email me at

Me and my partner have worked together on the Space Combat Kit, which you can see the trailer for here:

My partner has extensive experience with C++ programming, including on several FPS projects. I can show you one of them that we’ve worked on together in private, he also has other projects and prototypes he’s worked on before that he can show you. For myself, I’ve done XP, turrets, AI/AnimBP and things like that many times - I am a proficient blueprinter and me and my partner have very solid workflows together.

If you’d like to talk more, please email me :slight_smile: We lack the level designer, however.

Hello. I’m the partner mentioned above by Pinworm.

I have experience coding first person shooter projects (single and multiplayer) in UE4 using c++ (or blueprint if preferred), among other things and am interested in helping you out here. More than happy to show you some of the projects and prototypes I’ve worked on.

You can contact me at to discuss further details.

Salutations. I’ll be your level designer with the above two posts.

I am a technical artist with low-level programming experience in UE4, but I’ll be more helpful as a level designer covering modeling and texturing.
You can contact me at so I can show you some examples, as your account currently will not take any messages.

Hey there :slight_smile: i can do both level design and coding within blueprint to create the specific systems like XP, towers etc… Would love to have a chat about the work and where i can help. I am also very skilled in UI in unreals UMG so if you need any of that doing i already have full MOBA HUD’s ready to roll pretty much :slight_smile:
Portfolio is here

Would love to chat about level design or UI for this project, hope to hear back soon either on here or contact me at



I can fulfill either programming roles as I’ve dealt with both systems. Here’s a link to a FPS that I was Senior Gameplay Programmer on. I am currently working for two different studios as a Lead Programmer and Lead Gameplay Programmer and I would like 1 more project to round out my schedule. Please contact me by [EMAIL=“”]email or here on the forums.


Hey guys, we actually have direct MOBA experience as we were the primary partner on Legion TD 2, producing the level content, prelim UI and all of the characters and animations. On top of that we have 9 years of FPS dev experience and have been using UE4 since the very early beta. Would love to chat more about working together!

Hello! I’ve got years of experience with FPS Level Design going all the way back to Unreal Tournament. Messaging me here or by email works

What do you mean my account will not take any messages.