Need suggestions for fantasy theme project

Hey guys, I want to make some props or environment assets to sell and at the same time fill in my portfolio, two birds something something, you know.
I’m mainly aiming for mid to high fantasy so anything from general shacks to castles that walls reach 50 meters, open to suggestions. Different race architecture is also open to suggestion.

I’ll be selling the pack so the price will depend on the quantity of meshes instead of quality, (I’ll be making every object with attention to detail) so the pack price would depend on what scale the pack will be.

I’m staying clear of rigging currently, because I’m working on one singular character for my personal project, so no models that require rigging.

Would you guys want more separate assets like buildings, sculptures, pillars, etc. or more thematic based like; gothic, elven, castles, ruins, tavern, etc. with basically everything for the environment? Or something of a mix and match?
I would want to focus on mid to high end games, so realistic textures and mid to high poly counts, but it really depends on what you guys need/want.
Design wise, I’d like to make some unique props with modular aspects, so you’d’nt have obviously repeating structures in different projects.

In general give me some suggestions here, I’d appreciate if you guys told me what scale do you want the packs and what would you think be a reasonable price amount.

P.S.: If this is the wrong location for the thread, could a mod move it or inform me.


I’d love to see a high quality set of medieval props. Maybe something like this pack but with higher detail meshes and PBR materials.

One thing I haven’t been able to find anywhere is a medieval backpack/rucksack/knapsack. Maybe something like this one:

Also having a real problem finding decent quality woodsman’s tools (axe, waterskin, lantern/torch etc.).

I do need / want some dungeon / jail props… cages, shackles, torture devices… you know, the basic stuff :slight_smile:

Would a pack mashed with a lot of different assets would be desirable? Or a pack more focused on specific, something like “light object” pack including lanterns, torches, chandeliers, candles, etc.?
Latter pack would be more accessible and cheaper.

Or I can make theme based, just backpack type pack, just dungeon/jail based objects, specific crafting profession items, etc.

I think theme based packs would be more desirable. That way when someone purchases a pack, they may only want one particular item in that pack for their current project, but might be able to use the others later on in another.