Need Storyboard Help

Looking for someone that wants to help create the back bones story to my survival horror game. I got the main part of the game figured out, I just need help with filling in details to make the game more enjoyable.
The main storyline takes place on an Island. The player starts off locked in her room in an asylum with no memory of how she got there. Once she gets out of her room (insert puzzle here?), she has to navigate the haunted asylum to get outside. Once outside the player can explore the island and be faced with various other obstacles to advanced forward a regain her memory.

Would anyone be interested in helping me overcome my writer’s block and create a unique and stunning storyline?

I’m busy with my project and I can not help.

But I used to love to create simple text-based games at
On this site you can find a huge number of authors and their work.
You can not just find an experienced author but also in the style you like.

This guide helped me with my survival horror game project: Six Elements That Make For A Quality Survival Horror Game by D.C. McAllister and David Stubbs. A writer’s block isn’t always that bad and scary, I often get irritated becuase of it, but the worst thing for me is simply imitating the writing style of others.