Need sound to finish loop before stopping

On your finished event add a re-triggerable delay and set it to the time span of your audio that should give it enough time to finish before it stops.

Hi everyone, I’ve got the sound to play when LMB is clicked and to stop when LMB is released.
Is there a way to have the sound play the rest of its’ loop before it stops? Right now it’s very abrupt.

You can check the Playtime and make a modulo operation with your loop time. Then you subtract your loop time by the calculated value and you get the rest of the time that needs to be played. Save this variable and use it either for a Fade Out or Delay Node before stopping.
Let me know if it helps! <3

Unfortunately not, but at least I know it’s possible now.

I’m not terribly experienced with blueprints, is it possible to see a mockup anywhere without sounding too cheeky?