Need something add to documentation of "PSO Caching" for macOS

Documentation of PSO Caching has pipeline explanation for windows version only (for macOS and Linux documentation is the same!) and from UE 4.21 until now (4.25.1) documentation in some (few) aspects is outdated. :frowning:
For example:
information about how it works on macOS

  • where Game stores compiled shader files (exactly cache) in macOS. For example need find them and erase for inspect hitches on run shipping version.
  • path to files, like in commandline
  • some new flags as NeedsShaderStableKeys in section **[DevOptions.Shaders] **of ini files in each platforms

From 4.24 until current 4.25.1 i cant start precompile stuff in UE builds in macOS. I wrote plugin which has some functions for start, clean and pause compiling pso on game starts (in level BP or own GameInstance), but no luck. For macOS it important docs bcoz specially macOS version of build has huge hitches and spikes when new shader going compile on runtime and its terrible

Please fix documentation.PSO Caching

Hey Pirate Tony! Thanks for passing this along. I’ve drafted a support ticket based on your feedback, and passed it along to the rest of the team. We’ll take a closer look at that doc, and see what needs updating. I’ll give you an update once I know more. Thanks again, and let us know if you spot anything else that looks off.

I wrote plugin “PSO driver” to drive PSO system through regular BPs. When PSO will be work i will update doc’s of plugin as well.