Need Someone That Can Help Me One On One Learn Unreal Engine

Hello everyone, I have been trying to learn the unreal engine via youtube but I can’t seem to get a hold of it. I need someone that is willing to take me under their wing and help me.

When you like, you can add me in skype, but I’m not so active there :slight_smile: -> nasph96
Beside that, you can always ask your questions here in the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to help!

Or you can join a crew and go at it. This how I am leaning now.

Still… Do you learn by some random tutorials, or that which are made by EPIC?

Zak is amazing tutor. He’s explaining every single piece of UE4 with every keyboard shortcut. What’s more important, he isn’t boring like most of guys on YouTube

If you didn’t get those, you should have a look.

So I’m in a similar boat, looking for more personal guidance to get a handle on UE4. Limited time per week is also a factor for me as I’ve been struggling to learn how to prototype my own games for many years despite my many more years as a game character artist using Maya. I want to begin by duplicating familiar Nintendo and Action/RPG elements (my own version of Secret of Mana with 3D assets) and I had something started with Game Maker and again in Unity. However, I hit walls working on my own. So many tutorials are long and only partially relevant to what I’m trying to make. I’ve learned other things quickly with more direct Q&A during what starts as essentially hand held guidance through my goals. I know I can ask random questions here but is there an email buddy matching program I could join or anyone reading this that could provide that kind of personal semi-regular support?