Need some tricks and tips for a Beginner :)


So, I’m kind of new to UE4 but i have done some/lot c++ before. So my question is how do u find things like variable and functions and stuff from base classes. Like i saw this guy just typing things like CharacterMovement->MaxWalkingspeed = 200.f and stuff. so what I want to know is how do we know what kind of thing do we have available?. Do I read every single class. and some practice will make me get use to things like that?

its all inside the API

theres two ways to search through the api:
through the website

and my favorite is when you open the engine click Help -> API reference it opens a easy to search copy of the api

I’m new to the engine as well, and I have found the most helpful things are reading and watching tutorials. The Epic videos on YouTube are great, as are some of the tutorials linked to at the top of this forum. You should also ask on this forum and at the answerhub too.

Can I also say a big thanks to CNKIT for pointing out that Help->API Reference!? I had no idea that was there and it’s great.

To add on what the previous posters have mentioned, read the documentation about the class you are inheriting from and what it’s members and methods are. With your example of changing walking speed, you would look at the ACharacter parent class in the API documentation and look for anything related to what you want to do. Start small with a specific goal, and implement those changes. As you add more small features you will get a sense for how the API is structured and where what you need is located, and you’ll be able to move along more quickly. Intellisense/Code Completion will also come in really handy for when you don’t remember specific names.

The docs are key ofc but i recomend getting.
Visual Assist X, Visual Assist X
It helps you with displaying stuff with Intellisense that Visual Studios Intellisense takes way to long to display

If you are new in UE 4 it will go along way jus having all members and comments for a class show up instantly, letting you jump to headers fast and so on.
Its free to try.

Thanks guys, Yeah I dint know that u could search the API like that, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
I did read the docs( actually couple of times) :), I guess I will read some more about the inherited/base classes.
And I will try the visual Assist X, looks cool, I will definitely try it .