Need some tips on building a resume for Game programming

Hey everybody, I am thinking of applying to some game development positions as a programmer. I am hoping for some recommendations on how to build my resume for game programming. What things in particular are development teams looking for in respect to game development? What should I highlight on my resume? After all there is only so much space on a resume, so you do have to choose your highlights carefully. I haven’t done much game engine programming. I did some programming with UDK before UE4 was available but besides that I haven’t done any programming for game engines.

So while I don’t have any actual game development experience to leverage on my resume I can always leverage my current work experience. Currently I work as programming support for some engineering teams designing and constructing submarines (the ones that are silent but deadly). I have had the opportunity to build some complex programs and scripts. Most of which are used as sort of a virtual simulator to test the design conditions of the boats. It obviously involves implementing a lot of math (which I usually get from engineers). The programs are written in C++ but I also support .NET development as well in both C# and VB.NET.

As a hobby I will do some modeling and sculpting at home, so while I’m not a professional modeler I have a good understanding of how the process works and how it’s all implemented in a game engine.

With this sort of work in mind, do you think I could get a job as a game programmer easily? How would I stack up against people with industry experience?

I think that if you can prove some solid programming skills you have chance. I am not working in game dev, but i seen how HR works in IT corporation where i work.
They usually care about 2 things: if potential candidate can learn new things fast, and if he/she after learning them will stay or go for new entry in CV.