Need some speedtree tips

Hey guys,

I know this is not Speedtree forum , but I also know the UE4 community is much more helpful so I will give it a shot, maybe someone with speedtree experience will see this:

Now…I have been trying to make a willow tree for my project. Here is the reference :

b75a3afbfb.jpg - I want it to look more or less like this - I will need at least 5 diff models based on this

Here is what I got so far, done using fronds - individual leaves :

0f2dc68c40.jpg - in speedtree

ea30122a6d.jpg - in ue4

And here is the branch I managed to get - I am really bad with photoshop and I couldn’t find a higher res/ better looking one :


  1. Is my texture good enough ? Probably not…should I use just 1 branch instead of 10-15 like this one has ? The thing is the tree allready has 50k tris / 30k verts. It doesn’t have to look so …full of leaves either…it can be just like in the reference.

  2. I’ve looked for tuts more then once on how to mask the branch to obtain a good texture…but couldnt rly find exacly what I need. Is this pic good for grabbing a branch from it ? bb7fc17dc443c5db31c4abb7ccefdb915cbb1e16.jpeg

  3. Any other tips that would help me get this tree looking properly in UE4 ? I really need to replace those palm trees as they are not specific to the area…

hey, i also have trouble with this. do you use an post process volume? iam not pretty sure right now, but the Ambient Occlussion looks like trouble maker. But not sure, still fighting self through it.
you could also check out two sided faces in the material and shadows (if you use foliage).

i think your texture is not the problem, cause if you look on the other trees, it the same. you can go to to search for some other textures. maybe there is something for you.
1 tipp you should always assing a background color (like deep green) to avoid the white seems on your texture. and the transparency over alpha.


maybee this could help you. Try to set up your leaf material like this simple material. I use it often for my enviroment. You can and should try different values above 2 for the divide note. Second thing is you have to optimize your normales for leaves. They should point z up.

Edit: Not shure but think speedtree auto optimizes the normals !?