Need some insight on how to do an top down 8 way roll sequence.

Been having a bit of trouble setting up an 8 way roll as in the animations keeps adjusting to my characters rotation, how would i make sure that when i press W+space the character will always roll upwards and ignore any rotationthe character has currently going on? (setting the mesh rotation before the initial roll is not viable as it screws up my top down aiming afterwards)

I just need the animation to always go in one of the 8 designated directions at all times.

You want to separate “aim orientation” from “body orientation.”
You also want to turn off the “orient character to movement direction” checkbox.

My aim and body orientation are already seperated, and orient to movement is already turned off as i’m using an 8 way strafe blendspace to move while aiming.
The problem is when i’m aiming down and my character is walking up, i want it to roll up, but when i’m aiming down and walking up my character walks backwards so adding a roll in that direction does not work, same with aiming sideways etc etc. The blend is not fast enough, and if i forcefully rotate my character the right way it will break the body and aim rotations.

It sounds like you need to generate specific animations for those movements, because it sounds like the assets you have now can’t physically implement the movement you expect?

Things like a roll is a full body action so things done using layering, like aim off sets or anything requiring a per bone blend, will mess up the action state behaviour. As well keep in mind what you see is not the true state of the movement component, which is actually doing and animation work and what, you see is a reaction to that state change.

Logic wise you should first establish your base 8-way movement as to the locomotion state first and once you have your movement behaving as expected then add your action states to the migration path.