Need some info on FOV in a UE4 game

Hey guys, Didnt really know where to go with this question so as a last resort i will post it here.
I’ve been playing Hell let loose for a few months now and up untill the last patch i was able to adjust my FOV in the gameusersettings.ini and it would work just fine, since im a few years older then the average gamer i like my games with an FOV of 75 to 80, anything higher and i get nauseous within 15 minutes of playing and even headdaches if i dont stop playing.
Well after the last patch it seems the FOV is locked to a minimum of 90, anything between 90 and 120 works but when trying to lower it is just defaults back to 90 ingame. its still set as 80 in my file but the game displays 90.
I’ve been searching and trying for a few days now but i cant seem to do it.

I tried adding and changing: AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV to XFOY and AspectRatioAxisConstraint=80 to my engine.ini but this doesnt work.
well it sort of works because i end up with a Horizontal FOV of like 260 because i’m guessing the vertical FOV is now 90 so it adds the rest to the sides?

I also tried contacting the devs and i made a few posts on the forum but it seems the majority of the players want an even higher FOV not lower.
Any tips or info is appreciated guys as i REALLY want to fix this so i can play again.

If this is not the normal way of how it usually goes on this forum then i’m very sorry, i’m just desperate for a fix :).