Need Some Help

Hello I Have A Question,

Maybe Its Simple But I Really Dont Know.
I Want To Have , Okay Lets Say A “Cube”, I want To Let My Character “STAND” Inside This Cube And When The Cube Is Moving The Character Goes With IT

Any Ideas ?

Okay what are specifically trying to make in your game?
Are you trying to make an elevator?
You will need to make a hollow cube and setup the collision appropriately. Do you know how to do that part?
I can help with the rest.

i want to make a kind of an elevator yes. I need a capsule actually but i dont know if i can change that in unreal. and i dont know how to do it. i found the way to make a hollow cube yes. but i cant adjust the mesh. and when i try a normal cube or something i cant make it hollow

You can’t. You need to create a mesh in a 3D modeling software. Use Blender, it’s 100% free. Open source
So you need a capsule? So a cylinder capsule that captures the player and move him around?

Literally you will have to create a mesh in Blender… of a capsule… then import the mesh in .FBX format into Unreal Engine 4. Then you need to disable the collision for the parts of where the character is going to be