Need Some help

Hi guys, hope you don’t mind me posting this here, i am a new Unreal engine user and i have a question
I have an object with 2 uv maps, i then bring it into substance painter and texture both maps and export for UE.
In unreal how do i connect multi uv maps to a material ?
I have attached an image to help visualize my question, im sure its super easy i just cant figure it out
Any help would be amazing
Thanks guys

Those don’t need to be separate UV pieces, put them both into the 0-1 space

Thanks, but that That is just a quick example, i have a more complicated model for example a truck that i want the player to be able to go close and have a high enough texel density

Then use separate meshes with separate materials, from what I understand UE4 doesn’t support UDIM although that’s changing in the future with virtual texturing. For now, if you can’t get enough detail in a single high resolution texture then you need to split up the mesh.
Though also think about how you can use things like masks and tiling to add more small texture details.

@darthviper107 Thanks buddy i will try that