Need Some Help with Revit Models

I have tried the tutorial on here for Revit 2017 to get my models to work in UE Link.
I can follow all the steps and get my model into UE but problem I have is when I get into UE my light maps are all messed up. I only know the very basics of 3Ds Max so I’m not sure how I should fix it. When I look at the UVs in 3Ds Max they look fine but when I look at them in UE they are all over the place.

You should have two sets of UVW maps, one for your textures and one for your lightmaps (I believe in 3ds they’re channels 1 and 2, and in UE4 they’re channels 0 and 1). It sounds like you only have UVWs laid out for your textures. If you used Steamroller there is an option for which UVW channel you want to work in.

It really is worth it to take the time to learn how UVW work and how to make them yourself. You’ll notice that most of the problems with ArchViz on the UE4 forums come from lightmaps and UVWs. It’s a very easy concept after you figure it out. You will regret not learning about it earlier. Feel free to ask any questions about them.