Need Some Help with really weird bug

ok i was setting one of my main characters for the game, working on his bp, after i’ve worked on the "prototype character BP, well everything was being fine when i was recreating all the needed comands, until i finally get on the "equipe/unequip stuff, which for some weird reason is not working, while is working on the “prototype character”

the character is supposed to have 2 instance one for combat and another out of combat, i means when he is combat his "idle/walk/run animations will be one, then when he is out of combat it will be another it worked perfect in one of my prototypes characters and i basically did the “same” for the new one but the new one it don’t work i keep gettin this error:

my anim graph:

Axe is the variable boolean to be use to "change betweem stances


i’ve made it public, then going to the character bp
here the event:

that is the outside and is working fine no issues the problem comes near the end of the nodes here the full node:

nothing wrong here all working so far, now is really the time for the issue

i’ve made a “anim ref” for the character animbp to get the "axe boolean value to when equip the weapon it set the axe true changing the character stance for the combat stance, when you click again and it place the weapon back it change the “stance” back to "normal stance, and have that cicle, the issue here is which while it’s equiping and placing back the weapon, it not changing the “stance” and i get the error saying which it could not acess the variable but i’v changed it to public, it was supposed to be called, because it works with another character with 0 but with this character i’m getting this error.

here my character bp variables:


now what the hell is happening here???, any help is wellcome.

It’s always the same thing with these null references. At this point in your code:


The anim ref is null…

This is the correct answer.

wow it’s really weird because i’m calling the anim_BP_in this variable here:

it’s calling the animBP of the character, well i will check again from the ground what i’m missing on this null value.

The default value is None aka Null_ref

You need to get the reference to your AnimBP and store it in AnimRef otherwise it will always be null_ref

hmm thanks for both point me, yeah what working after midnight can make with peoples and getting they brains start to melt, lol, but to be fair i could make it without have to add that default value stuff, i had forget to add that node code in the character BP:

this add a value to the anim ref variable, another way to do that which also i did and thinking which one is the best, is creating a interfaceBP and inside that interface create a reference which was weapon on?, then inside animBP create a event to set axe something like that:

then in the character BP instead of call the anim ref i call that weapon on.


for "performance values what you think would be better approach between those 2?

now after that is go back to my "main current villian called “combo”, lol, i’m still stuck on it, already added sounds and visual effects now the only missing stuff is add the combo and hit/damage detaction to have the character side of combat finished, all others actions mechanics are most finished, now my focus is really the combat.

In terms of efficiency, it wont make any difference :slight_smile: