Need some help with Physics

Hello am currently making a gathering system and i am wondering.
When i place a Static Mesh in the editor it got physics (collision), but its “static” on the ground.
Hitting it will not move it, in my Blueprint i have a destructable mesh.
Its set to Simulate Physics and Gravety is set to true.

How can i make it so that the mesh behaves like a static mesh actor works?
Stuck in the ground but physical (parts fall to ground) but stasonery on the ground?

Maybe a better way to ask this qustion is how do i make somthing hevyer?
Do i need a Physical Material?

To make something heavier in a physics system increase its mass. You can also make something not slide on surfaces as easily by increasing friction. Mass and friction are too very different things though, keep in mind.

What do you mean “like a static mesh actor works”? You’re trying to make a dynamic physics mesh which is the opposite of a static mesh. It shouldn’t even be static. If I recall correctly, static objects are baked into the scene and cannot move.

A gathering system can be implemented by testing against an invisible sphere collider surrounding an object for when another object overlaps the region and then triggering a pickup mechanism you’ve designed.

Are you saying you want a immovable object that’s embedded in the ground, which has extra parts that can be dynamically knocked off the mesh? You can do that be having them be separate physics objects.

Or, are you saying that you want an object that merely generally doesn’t move much because it is so heavy?

Honestly, you’re pretty hard to understand, and you should work on your communication skills some and proof read your posts for spelling errors and grammar errors. (I corrected a few spelling errors in my quotes of you for clarity for anyone reading.)