Need Some Help with my Idea


I try to make an waypoint system or a system to set the Place to hold for the Dinos.

Maybe u push and Hold ā€œEā€ and give the Command Stay here.
Everytime he get attacket and the Attacker is Dead. He try to move back to x-y-z Coordinates.

Is it possible or maybe finished by someone?

Or someone can give me a lil helping position how to start and what kind to do.
Programming isnt so good aswell, so some help or feedback is cool :slight_smile:

Thx a lot Community

Maybe there is some node like move to position? I think you should do spmething with AI, but Im not experienced with this.

i found the function to add a Whistle more but cant find the Bindings. Like Stop All? -.- dont know where is the basic of it in a _BT?