Need some help with movement components.

Right so, I’m trying once again to work on my Hovering Vehicle MovementComponent, but I’m having a few issues.

First of all, Checking “Simulate Physics” on the UpdatedComponent doesn’t seem to have any effect, if I remove the movement component the Static/Skeletal mesh falls to the ground as you would expect, but with a default PawnMovementComponent(which is all my HoverTankMovementComponent is right now) there, it does nothing. What function do I need to use in my custom HoverTankMovementComponent to factor in Gravity and other Physics for collisions etc?

Secondly, I want to apply ‘Springy Physics’ to my HoverTank, the Altitude Variable will be the resting point of the spring, but I also need controls for the dampening and push/pull force of the spring too. I already have a good way to get the altitude of the craft over the ground it travels over, but does anybody have a working example of how to apply the spring physics in code?

Also as a side note, the ‘Add Force’ blueprint nodes seem to operate on a minute scale compared to the rest of the engine,