Need some help with Google Play leaderboards

I’m running into a problem with submitting scores to a Google Play leaderboard. Currently I have a very simple blueprint setup:

I can login fine, and can view the leaderboard (in a separate function), but I can’t get it to submit. Strangely, it did submit **once **when I originally set it up, but now it’s no longer working for me or my testers.

Running a development build on my device, I can see the following warnings in Logcat:

I’m not sure if this is related though, or if it’s just because the services don’t work in development builds. (The submit function doesn’t work in my shipping build either)

I compared my setup to the UnrealMatch3 example, and I can see there are a couple of functions called from the custom C++ class Match3GameInstance:


I’m now at the stage where I’m trying to add a similar class of my own, but I’m running into problems compiling in Visual Studio. So before I continue further down the rabbit hole, I wanted to check if these functions are actually related to my problem, or if anyone has any other ideas? Is leaderboard functionality actually possible using only blueprints?

Many thanks!

It should be working with a blueprints only project. Do you see the user login UI correctly? Probably it is failing there for some reason? (or you calling the leaderboard command without waiting for the login first?)

Out of interest which Target SDK version do you have set?

I do see the login UI yeah - when I test the Alpha shipping build I can see my Play username pop up, and can also see my username when I view the leaderboard.

Target SDK is set to version 26.

Update: I thought I’d try creating a new Leaderboard on Google Play, just in case it had to be in draft mode when testing in Alpha. Again, I can view the leaderboard fine, so the service connection seems to be working, but I can’t submit to it.

Has anyone got Leaderboards working using only Blueprints? And if so, could you point me in the right direction?

Figured I’d keep the thread updated in case anyone else runs into this issue. I created a new blank blueprint project, and added **only **the basic login and leaderboard functionality (plus a dummy score counter). Setup a new app on Google Play, uploaded the APK, and it works perfectly.

So I’m thinking there’s either something not right with the settings on the Google Play side, or a config file got broken somehow. If it’s the latter, at this point it’ll probably just be easier to create a fresh project and migrate everything across.

Hopefully this is the final update for this thread! I came back to this problem after working on a couple of other projects for a bit. After creating a fresh project and painstakingly copying the Content folders over one-by-one until the function broke again, I finally found the issue.

For some reason, it was caused by one of my sprite textures not being a power of two (I was actually aware of that, and was planning to fix it later on). As soon as I made the texture the correct size, the leaderboards started working again. I knew the texture would not show correctly on Android, but I had no idea it would cause such a horrendous conflict! Still, happy that it’s finally fixed :slight_smile:

That’s insane, how can those two be related? I had same issue and my problem was that my google play games account had “dont show my game progress publicly” (or similar) setting enabled, after disabling that my highscores were posted just fine. Still cant view the leaderboard in-game for some reason though…: