need some help with. Enter/exit pawn, teleport player to pawn exit (vehicle)

Im trying to create a working vehicle for my game, i have watched a lot of tutorials, but still i cant get it working correctly.
I just startet to get my hands dirty with blueprints so im quite new to the field.

so far im able to enter the car and drive it around, but i need some help to exit the vehicle and teleport my player to the exit point. Also struggle to setup the enter distance, so that the player cant enter the vehicle when far away.

The result im looking for is, first person enter vehicle —> vehicle in thirdperson —> exit in firstperson. no animation.

I hope this is understandable, and would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

This is what i got working so far, i know, it’s not much

Is this a single player game? Are you playing as the server? The little icon at the top right of the Possess node indicates that this function will only ever work if it’s being called on the server. If you’re playing as the host client or a listen server, then it doesn’t matter and what you have setup here should work fine.

Currently you have a key to possess the BP_SUV but where’s your key to posses the Pawn? You can use something like the **GetPlayerPawn **node and set up another key or setup a flip-flop so that every time you press E, it flips between possessing the SUV and flops to possessing the pawn.

This is a ***very ***bare bones explanation and there’s *so *many more questions to be asked, but if you’re new and just dabbling, it’ll at least get your started :slight_smile: