Need some help with custom weapon pipeline

Hello guys!

I’ve created a simple Flintlock rifle that I want to import as a custom weapon. I looked at the documentation and found a few tutorials. However, the tutorials used the ShooterGame content to get their weapons in-game. I was hoping to find a tutorial on how one would create the gun in 3Ds Max, the correct way of skinning it, naming conventions, and the pipeline further to get every to work on either an empty template or 1st person template.

So… after following this blog: Shooter Game Tutorial: Prototype - adding hands and weapon
and mostly this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Custom Weapon (english) - YouTube

I managed to get my weapon in-game (01_in-game.png):

I’ve used the hands from the ShooterGame project, but as you can see from the picture, the rifle is too high up. The tutorial told me to just adjust the position in my 3D software (he uses Blender, I’m using 3Ds Max), but no matter how much I adjust it, it doesn’t change position. In the Skeletal Mesh the root of the rifle is placed in the origo(02_skeletal_mesh.png):

But in my 3Ds Max scene the root(and the entire rifle) is below the grid(3ds_max.png):

I used the WeapGun Blueprint to get my weapon in-game, I thought I would just edit it heavily to change the settings, particle effects, etc. I can’t adjust the position of the rifle there either, since it exchanges Mesh1P which is the Root (04_weapgun.png):

I’m very grateful for any assistance you can give me to solve my little problem. I’m also going to look into how to do a melee weapon for 1st person template (ala Olbivion/Skyrim view).

Thanks in advanced!

Have you tried adjusting it’s position in your components section of the blueprint?