Need some help with casting

Hello, i’m trying to cast from a save game blueprint that I created to get an array that is stored there. I’m doing this because I am creating a leaderboard widget and the text will be binded to the array and display what is stored in that index, however I get a casting failure because I’m not sure what to put as the object.

Any help would be useful, i’ve tried to “Get player character” which is what I normally use when casting but this isn’t working for this particular cast.

If you are using ue4’s save game object then you should be able to load the save file using the “Load Game from Slot” node.

You need to have an object in the casting node - or it’s casting to nothing. You’re telling unreal to try to access an object as a MySave object, but you haven’t supplied the object.

Yep you need to tell it what savegame to go to as the “Object” or it’s attempting to cast to nothing.