Need some help with blueprints

So I’ve made a grid to be used for a game but I’m not sure how I should implement movement into it. I plan for each character to be able to move a certain amount of tiles but I’m not sure where/how to do it, almost similar to chess games where you click the piece and it shows the possible movements. Thanks in advance for the help a please be as detailed as possible as I’m still quite new :slight_smile:

You need to put the code inside the character.

You could use a base character blueprint for all of them, but and override the ‘possible tiles’ function for each type of piece.

Sorry it’s a bit vague, but so is your question :slight_smile:

sorry it was unintentional but i found video of something close to what i’m going for:
UE4 Turn Based Game - Project DX: Update 1: Grid Movement, Basic Navigation, and more… - YouTube
And i’ve already got a grid set up with some more help from youtube:
Unreal Engine 4 - Optimized Grid Tutorial (1/4) - YouTube
But i’m not sure how i should “frankenstein” it together :sweat_smile:

The missing part for you, is what a character ‘thinks’ when you click the square.

That’s where the game is. I’m assuming you have some kind of game logic.

When you click the square, the character has to figure out if they can get there, and allowed to go there etc.

I can’t tell you that, because that’s your own logic.

yeah thats fair, i just don’t have much experience with making logic so it often turns into a mess of wires :sweat_smile:

If you tell me some of it, I might be able to say something helpful…