Need some help with actors spawning in game

Hello everyone! I need some help on how to access a variable reference on an actor that spawns in-game. I have an actor that spawns when my enemy AI dies, and I need it to be able to access a blueprint reference on spawn. Here’s my blueprints!

This is inside the spawned actors blueprint, where I need to set my piece number for a function in another blueprint. It’s the My Character node that’s not being accessed when spawned, since I otherwise set it to the character in the main editor.

This is in the enemy AIs blueprint, where I spawn the pieces. Is it that I need to set an instigator and/or an owner?

Thanks in advance!

You can get the Return Value of the Spawn Node


Sorry but how will that help? Maybe I’m just a little new with this but I don’t understand how that will make it so that the actor can access the reference… Can you explain a little more?

That is the actor spawned. I understood that you want to keep a reference to it, to do something with it.
Just pass it around to whomever needs it

Well, I put a simple “get” node from that output and now it doesn’t show the error message that it can’t access the “my character” variable… So I guess that’s good! But I actually don’t need a reference to the spawned actor, but to “My Character”, but since I’m not getting any errors anymore I’m guessing that’s quite good. Thanks for your help!