Need some help with 2.5D moviments and animation

hello first of all i don’t know if this is the right place but i do hope so.

i’m making a 2.5D plataform game and while almost everything is working fine, i’m having a little issue with character “directions” i’m using the unreal default 2.5d direction, which means while the character can only “walk” to left or right it’s still ca “look” down and up", like when you are "lookif to the right and start to "move him to the left you can see the character “slowly turning around and this turning around means he can look to “bottom” too, which is my issue cuz sometimes when i’m “fighting a enemie” and jump over him or make something which means trade my position with his position or even when i’m trying to “run” it have this “little” turn around” time which end making the character take "too much time to turn to the other side and in case of combat it’s make him start to attack in wrong direction like the enemie is on the right but the character is hitting in “bottom direction” because it not proper finished to turn around.

Any any know a good way to “fix this”?? like making him only looks to left and right and when "turning make it "auto without go “middle before”??? making him get weird combat angles???