Need some help to create Teams and character selection the right way

Hey, I have problems in figuring out how todo this the propper way and I have tried several tutorials:

I want to have 3 teams: blue, red and spectator
blue and red teams will have 5 characters to choose from

how can I achive to make bluespawn and redspawn wich can be placed in any map and can spawn the right character?

Hey. You need to overwrite function SpawnDefaultPawnFor in GameMode. Show us some blueprints what is done now.

yea, this is what I’ve tried several times… but I am probably too stupid for this…

I just spawn in center of map

And this is annoying…

you may check the whole stuff here:

the game isnt paid stuff but ment to be a comunity thing

tried this on a menu, but it wont do the trick