Need some help to changing "r.streaming.poolsize 1000" to - 3000.

Greetings! Read some place, that you can change the Streaming poolsize for textures in Unreal Engine 4.
Now they said that it has to be done in the console. The problem for me is that I can’t locate the console nor find any way to do it!

I am quite new when it comes to mixing around with commands and settings in that sort of manner.
You skilled people might have some ideas of how it can be done.
I would love it if you somehow can help me out.

The console command for changing the poolsize is: “r.streaming.poolsize 1000” without quotation marks.
Thank you for reading and keep having an awesome weekend!

in the viewport…or possibly any screen but for sure works in the viewport press the tilde key…under the escape key in the top left of the keyboard…looks like this ~ and ` … the paste the r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000 or whatever size floats your boat and tada…I got sick of doing it every time I launch the engine so in my Player Blueprint in Post Begin Play I call command r.Streaming.PoolSize 2000 so it does it the first time I play for the day…also it can be added in your .ini files but I’m too lazy for that…good luck yo…

Wow! Thank you so much! I didn’t get it to work… I have a Swedish keyboard and the Tilde key never works in software’s. At least I know that there is a console and that it can work if I fix my keyboard or move somewhere else :wink:
Thank you for taking your time to type all this! Much appreciated!

for sure use Blueprints then… you won’t need that button and you can do all the console commands…just have to set it up in your player blueprint or level blueprint…

good luck…

Navigate to where you installed the engine, EG mine is D:\1_GameDev\EpicGames\Epic Games, you will see a folder with your engine version 4.8, 4.9,4.10 ect.
go into the engine version you currently use and navigate to this folder: mine is 4.10\Engine\Config. there will be .ini files here that you can edit, one of them is called ConsoleVariables.ini open that up in a text editor, navigate to [Startup] and just under that type your command
it should look like this:

; Example file content:
; [Startup]
; FogDensity = 0.9
; ImageGrain = 0.5
; FreezeAtPosition = 2819.5520 416.2633 75.1500 65378 -25879 0

r.Streaming.PoolSize=5000 MB

this will work for any console command and will run every startup for any project. no more having to type them in every time.
also if you have a different keyboard layout you can open the key bindings and edit them