need some help on the unrealscript

sup everyone ! :))))

okay ,i have some troubles with reading unrealscript …i can read the code and stuff ,but i get confused with files and stuff ,currently i’m learning C++ and idk if i’m in the path(and the right sub-forums) the game i wanna mod is POSTAL2 ,…

any advices?

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Tell us the specific task you are trying to do, what you have already done, and what error you are running into. “i get confused with files and stuff” isn’t anything we can help with.

You may want to start with these resources:

for example i wanna change errands for the game or objectives ,i have the source file ,i can understand the code but to use them or edit them idk ,i get confused …

@PDUDE69 Simply edit the files using whatever IDE you’re comfortable with (or text editor). When you run the game executable after saving the code change, it will recompile the code. I think that’s what you were after.