Need some help on changing the gameplay of Unreal Tournaments

Hi folks
In short, is it possible for me to adding Tower defense gameplay into the Unreal Tournaments? Like the player is always spawning as fixed red team’s turret…
And shooting at blue team’s turret and human soldiers…

I have been spent a lot of time making the Battleship Iowa’s model and now I want to put it in Unreal.
However I find it very unrealistic to utilize all the main turrets and secondary turrets because there are so much of them.
So I come up with a simple idea: Just rip off a turret and make a tower defense game

My teachers suggest that I would probably use the Unreal Tournament because I can just use the AI characters in the UT. But other people said that UT is different from the original Unreal editor.

So should I do a second development in UT or just start from scratch in Unreal Editor?

You probably want to check the UT subforums :slight_smile: