Need some help (newbie)

I recently took some online courses for unreal engine 4 through Udemy. However, there are still some big holes in things i want to learn. The number one subject im having issues with is animating my characters. I have bought several characters on the marketplace, and bought a pretty expensice animation pack for third person shooting, and I still dont know how to plug them in. The courses only talked about first person shooting stuff that came with the engine.

What im wondering is, how do I setup an animation pack to a character I bought on the marketplace?
the courses i took never touched that topic and in the unreal engine 4 documenation all it talks about is how to do it in maya.

Anyone have any resources on plugging in animations in the engine? I bought two different courses for beginners on Udemy because they were on sale and while i learned tons, this wasnt covered. anyone have learning resources for that?

The figure and animations must have corresponding “bone” structures.

If they match, you should be able to right click the Animations and select the figure as a skeleton.

If they are not the same skeleton, but have the correct bones - you can coax them to work together…

Open the skeleton for the figure the animations were made for (usually Mannequin) - and click [Retarget Manager] at the top - select Humanoid for the rig type and save the skeleton.

Do the same for the skeleton that comes with the figure you want the animations to work with.

Then you can right click the animations and select [Retarget Anim Asset → Duplicate … ]
and pick the skeleton of the figures you want them to work with.

It will create a copy of the animation that is set to that skeleton.

Make sure you get all of them (particularly the Anim Blueprint) since you will need a working copy of that to select in any Character blueprint you make using the figure.

(Made a quick video showing how - since it sounds more complicated than it is)

Retargeting Animations