Need some help figuring out some simple math.. on bullet speed and distance and time


This seems so simple it’s confusing me lol. I have a projectile and it’s velocity is 987,552 millimeters per second. It needs to travel 4,572 millimeters, how long would it take to travel there? I’m not sure what number to divide first for some reason. I come up with 2 different numbers depending on how I divide them.

• 216 milliseconds
• 0.0046296296296296 milliseconds

What seems more right?

987,552 millimeters = 3240 feet
4,572 millimeters = 15 feet

Both figures seem to close, how much time would it take for a bullet travel 15 feet at that velocity? The 15 feet/4,572 millimeters is just for testing the projectile out so I can see if it works right. I’m using the “Set Life Span” of an actor node to destroy the projectile.

Thanks for reading, hope someone knows for sure because I’m being a noob right now :slight_smile:

t = x / v = 4572 [mm] / 987552 [mm/s] = 0,0046296296296296 [s] = 4.6 [ms]

Thank you!