need some help/advice for a mod idea

Hey all,

First of, let me do a little intro.
My name is Robert from the Netherlands, love ark survival, no modding experience, I have an IT background, mainly hardware and network managing, and some c++, sql db, programming experience.
However graphical experience and using stuff like the ADK is new to me.

Now when I play ark and am hauling tons of iron from mountains with a quetzal, I’m thinking, man this game needs a cable car!
So… here I am, no experience with modding and I want to make a cable car mod.

Now I’m still in the planning phase, fiddled around a bit with blender to make some meshes, but here is my concern…
How do you make the cable car move, or seem to move, on the cable to its destination… I mean don’t give me all the details, but is it in the engine even possible to make an object go via a preset line… like a train or something?

I think you want to look into “Splines” for you path. From what i gathered while researching something else there are blueprint nodes that will help you moving a mesh along splines.

ill take a look, thanks for the heads up