Need some guidance regarding Behavior Trees

How would I go about making an array/map of Behavior Trees or is there another way to go about this?

I’ve got a dialogue system in place that allows for my unique NPCs to spawn with a unique dialogue Behavior Tree, and once that dialogue has been exhausted, the player can select from a list of Topics that switches out their unique Behavior Tree for much more generic/filler dialogue Behavior Trees that are shared by other NPCs of the same faction. Almost everything is working perfectly as intended, but I still need to implement a way to tag or separate these filler Behavior Trees to be used exclusively by a Faction. For example, a Bandit Faction will have its own list or array of filler dialogue Behavior Trees to switch between, a Civilian Faction will have its own list or array of Behavior Trees, and so on.

I am still very new to Unreal let alone the concept of arrays/maps. My plan was to somehow make an array or map that includes every Behavior Tree and cross-reference it with the NPC’s Faction variable. If anyone has any input to share, I would love to hear it! Thanks! :slight_smile: