Need some general help!

Hey guys,

So I’m pretty new to the whole unreal engine thing, and I was wanting to ask a few questions about the animation process. Some things that would be worth mentioning is that I’m using a bunch of free programs to do all of this due to the fact that I’m broke. This includes Blender and Krita as my modeling and jpg stuff creators. So with that being said, here are my questions!

  1. When making a model, what is the best way to do some standard animations for it? Like a walking cycle, idle animations, and a jumping animation. Should I add a floor underneath the model in belnder to help make it not look like everything is clipping?

  2. What’s the best way to make a nice looking cel-shaded character (like wind waker or breath of the wild style)? I’ve found ways to make a cel-shaded look in unreal and I’ve been toying with that. However, I don’t really know how to go about making a model that looks nice in said shader due to weird colour pallets and shadow errors caused by stray polygons. I’ve looked into it on youtube, and the only things I see are for making a cel-shader in blender itself.

  3. How can I make an animation mapped to my character actually move it? Like if my animation causes the character to jump in the air, how can I make sure the camera and hitbox follow the model in that process?

  4. This is the most important one I would really like some help with. How can I make objects appear and disappear via an animation? I have one I’d like to map to a specific button that creates a ball of water, moves it around the character as they twirl, and then flings it off in an arched path in front them. I’d like to break this up into stages so that the character is able to turn on the spot until the ball is flung away from them.

I’m sorry this is really vague as I’m still super new to this. I’d be happy to provide any information you guys might need to help me answer this. I’ve tried looking around on youtube for this kind of stuff, but it hasn’t been much help.

Thank you, everyone!