Need some assistance with MouseCursorOver event

I have a grid set up. When the cursor is over a grid square, I want a light to toggle on to highlight the area of the grid. I tried using a toggle visibility node on the light and a trigger volume with the OnBeginCursorOver event, but it isn’t responding. Am I doing this wrong?


Hello AJJepson

From what it looks like, you’re toggling the visibility on the Box1A instead of the light itself. Can you try getting a reference to the light component and plugging that into the “Target” input on the “Toggle Visibility” node instead?

If this is not the case and 1A is also the name of your light component, can you watch the blueprint while playing in the editor so that you can see if the event is ever being fired at all?

Box 1A is the trigger volume on the grid. 1A is the point light. Sorry for the confusion. I had the light plugged in by itself originally, but it still wasn’t working, so I connected the box trigger as well. Same result.

what about setting visibility, not toggle?

I tried both the toggle and set visibility nodes. Neither have worked. I also tried setting a bool variable when the mouse cursor overlaps. Then setting a branch to toggle it. Still nothing.

Got it to work by setting a bool variable for when the mouse is hovering over the square or not. I had tried this already, but had it plugged into a BeginPlay node. Switched it out for an EventTick, and it worked perfectly.