Need Some AI Ideas


I am making a customer AI for a store management game that I am creating. I have been able to complete a full circle for the AI, from when it spawn, to getting items, to purchasing, then to leaving.

However the part I am trying to make better is when it goes to the register.
The below image is a flow chart that I created sort of explaining what the AI is to do in terms of its thought process. The part I need help on is the bit highlighted in red.

Before the highlighted part, the AI grabs a spot at the register to go to and is supposed to do some checks, so that if it isn’t the first customer in line, it moves up a spot until it is the first customer. to which it will then purchase the items and leave.


I think the part in red the part that loops back is doing that after it’s already moved forward and starting over with the ‘Check if actor can purchase’ seems unnecessarily redundant unless I’m missing the point of the game. After the ‘move forward’ block it should just move to the next section and ‘execute purchase task’.